Hey, I'm Marcus.

I study the brain. I work for Numenta.


A Framework for Intelligence and Cortical Function Based on Grid Cells in the Neocortex
Jeff Hawkins, Marcus Lewis, Mirko Klukas, Scott Purdy, Subutai Ahmad. (2018)
Locations in the Neocortex: A Theory of Sensorimotor Object Recognition Using Cortical Grid Cells
Marcus Lewis, Scott Purdy, Subutai Ahmad, Jeff Hawkins. (2018)

Conference Posters

Representing N-dimensional cognitive variables with grid cells
Mirko Klukas, Marcus Lewis, Ila Fiete. (Fall 2018)
Bernstein Conference 2018, Berlin, Germany
Using Grid Cells for Coordinate Transforms
Marcus Lewis (Summer 2018)
Grid Cell Meeting, UCL, London, England
Determining Allocentric Locations of Sensed Features
Marcus Lewis, Jeff Hawkins (Spring 2018)
Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne) 2018, Denver, CA, USA

Other projects, big and small

Grid cells: Visualizing the CAN model
A weekend in April 2017
See HTM run: Stacks of time series
Written while living in hostels. February 2016
A visual running environment for HTM
Collaboration with Felix Andrews. November 2015


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